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Post Renovation Air Duct Cleaning by specialist vent cleaners

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Post Renovations Duct Cleaning in Toronto
Air duct cleaning can remove air pollutants,  dust, mold, and other allergens from your pipes. It is advisable to do  approximately every three years to keep your home air and furnace  healthy. When looking for a professional air duct cleaner, it is vital to check to see that they have been certified by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA).

When you’ve had renovations or construction done, the risk of breathing unclean air increases dramatically. The same is true if you have just moved into a newly built home. The reasons behind this have to do with all of the construction materials. Anytime something is ripped down, pulled up, or installed, it creates dust and throws debris into the air. Even the most diligent of workers cannot clean up every bit of drywall dust, sawdust, or construction materials. These particles are then pulled into the ductwork – leading to unclean air in the home.
A duct cleaning is also important as it can remove construction materials that may have accidentally been swept into the ductwork or vents. If construction materials of any kind are left to sit inside, this can lead to polluted indoor air. That can be dangerous to the health and well being of every person living in your home. In addition, any trapped materials left inside your ducts can cause an airflow blockage. Any blockage can be extremely costly, as you will likely end up paying more money on your monthly energy bill. Why? Your HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioner) unit will be forced to work twice as hard to push air around the blockage and through the ducts.
The best way to avoid polluted indoor air and a higher energy bill is to schedule a professional duct cleaning. If your home has been renovated, if you’ve had construction performed, or if you’ve moved into a brand new home, the same is true: a duct cleaning is essential. This step ensures the safety of your family and leaves you with a cleaner home – and improved air quality.

Did you just finish home renovations? Then you will need to have your ducts cleaned. Scheduling a professional air duct cleaning lets you enjoy your newly refurbished space without worry. So, give yourself the gift of clean air. It will make every aspect of your home a little bit better!

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