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Furnace Cleaning & Regular Maintenance
For your home to be clean, you need to think about the details. That  means ensuring that your furnace is as clean as the rest of your space!  You already rely on TT Duct Cleaning to keep your air ducts free  of potentially dangerous built-up contaminants. Now, it’s time to rely  on us for all of your furnace cleaning needs as well. We offer quality  furnace cleaning services whenever you need them.

Furnace cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance. In fact, your  home needs regular furnace cleaning in order for your furnace to work  properly – and for your air quality to improve. Your furnace and air  ducts are linked – so when your furnace is full of dust, dirt, debris,  and other contaminants, so are your air ducts! This is why you’ll need  to compliment your TT duct cleaning with a furnace cleaning.
Your furnace & ducts should be cleaned every 2 years. Factors that can impact your cleaning frequency include:
  • Your furnace & ducts should be cleaned prior to you moving into a new home
  • If  you have a concern about any gas appliance, including your furnace and  hot water tank, contact a licensed gas company that is registered with  the TSSA (mandatory in Ontario)

Where your home is located
  • Homes  in dusty areas (near industrial parks, the city dump, farms, and  construction) may have more dust and dirt in the air than average, which  may mean you need to have your furnace & ducts cleaned more often.

A brand new home
  • Your furnace & ducts should be cleaned prior to you moving in. Check with your builder – most will have this done for you.
  • If  your new home is in a new neighborhood with a lot of construction, dirt  & dust, your system may need to be cleaned again in as soon as a  year.

Pets, smoke, allergies
  • These things can increase the dust & particles in the air or increase sensitivity to poor air quality.
  • If  you find that your filter is getting very dirty every month when you  check it, even if it’s been less than 2 years, we offer a free  inspection to see if your system is in need of a cleaning with any dryer  vent cleaning.

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Furnace Cleaning Prices
Your Best choice for Regular Duct Cleaning & Furnace maintainance

Furnace Cleaning                              $99

AC coil Cleaning (dry)                      $50

Discount available when done together with Air Duct Cleaning.
Conditions Apply.

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Your Furnace Filter
A clogged filter can block airflow and can cause costly damage to your furnace.
  • Check  your furnace filter monthly & clean (permanent filters only) or  change your filter every 1 to 3 months depending on the level of soiling
  • Use  the correct size of the filter, and ensure your furnace filter fits  securely – gaps or spaces reduce the filtration of your air and allow  your furnace to get dirty more quickly.
  • If  you have two or more furnaces, confirm you are using the right filter  size for each – often homes with multiple furnaces will have a larger  and smaller furnace with different filter sizes.
Having  trouble finding the correct size of furnace filter for your furnace? We  can help with standard and custom sized permanent and disposable  filters and pre-filters – contact us.

Your Humidifier
  • Check humidifier for leaks every month when you check your furnace filter
  • Clean (permanent pads only) or replace humidifier pads before winter.

Air Conditioning
  • Clean dust & debris from outside air conditioning unit in the spring, to ensure that function is not compromised
  • Cover your outside air conditioning unit in the winter when it’s not being used
  • Your air conditioning coil is located in the air stream of your furnace and should be cleaned and disinfected with every duct cleaning.

Furnace Tune Up
  • Get a licensed heating professional to check and ensure that your system is running safely & efficiently every year
  • If you have air conditioning, you should make sure that the company you call is licensed to handle air conditioning as well.
  • If you have a concern about any gas appliance, including your furnace and hot water tank, ATCO Gas offers safety inspections
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