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Air Duct Cleaning Georgetown with specilist duct & Vent cleaners

Serving Georgetown Area Since 2001

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Air Duct Cleaning Toronto Offers $140 unlimited Duct Cleaning
for upto 2200 SqFt Home.
Why Choose TT Air Duct Cleaning Georgetown, Ontario for duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning?
Georgetown is a community in the town of Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada and is part of the Regional Municipality of Halton.  Here are just a few reasons why TT Air Duct Cleaning Georgetown, Ontario should be your first choice for air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning:

  • TT Air Duct Cleaning Georgetown, Ontario is a family owned business and has been in continuous operation since 2001.
  • We have a perfect track record with a Better Business Bureau A+ score. (This means we've never had a complaint filed against the company.)
  • Because TT Air Duct Cleaning Georgetown, Ontario is a small, family-owned company, we have lower overhead than the big name contractors. We pass the savings directly to our customers with lower prices.
  • We are extremely good at what we do. We have Trained & Certified Techs, and as the years have gone by, we have gotten even better at cleaning air ducts.
  • We go above and beyond to give our customers great service. Our service includes cleaning air ducts as well as cleaning air vents and the return grates (where the filter goes).
  • We also provide Dryer Vent cleaning and Central vacuum cleaning.
  • HVAC contractors send us referrals instead of attempting air duct cleaning themselves. They are happy to refer us to their clients because they know we will do the job right.
  • We are one of the few home air duct cleaning companies in which the owners (Gul & Akhtar ) actually do the work. So we have a vested interest in making sure that the job is done right and that the customer is satisfied.
  • All of our past clients speak very highly of us. Take a look at our testimonial page and let our clients recommend our services to you.

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Why you Need Air Duct Cleaning Georgetown, Ontario?
Every home and business acquires dust, dirt, pollen and other air  pollutants as people enter and exit the buildings. In fact, it is  estimated that a standard sized home creates up to 40 pounds of dust  annually. If food or organic matter is accidentally dropped into the  ducts, they can cause sections of your ducts to become moldy. The  combination of dust, mold spores, pollen and other allergens can  increase indoor allergy symptoms and breathing difficulties in  individuals who are sensitive to dust and mold.

One of the best ways to remove the indoor pollutants from your home  or business is to schedule regular duct cleaning services. By having  your ducts cleaned annually, you are reducing the amount of dust and  other particles that circulate through your home or business, which  provides many benefits. The biggest benefit is the improvement in your  indoor air quality.

Another benefit involves the operation of your HVAC unit. When your  air is clean, your filter does not have to trap as many particles, which  extends its useful life and prevents filter clogs that could  potentially reduce the amount of air that flows into your HVAC system.  When your HVAC system doesn't receive enough airflow, it has to work  harder to heat or cool the building, which results in the need to make  frequent repairs. Thankfully, you can reduce indoor allergy symptoms,  improve your HVAC system's efficiency and reduce your energy bills by  having your ducts regularly cleaned by our professional and experienced  HVAC technicians.
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The Duct Cleaning Specialist In Georgetown, Ontario!
A friend of mine got the Air Duct Cleaning from these guys and she recommended that I should I also use them. She gave me the number for TT Air Duct Cleaning Georgetown, Ontario and I scheduled an appointment. Ali gave me detailed estimate right on the phone.  Gul came out to  my house and did an inspection and showed me  the build up in the ducts. I’m embarrassed to say, but they were filthy!  I was actually sneezing while looking at it. Gul did and thorough duct cleaning at the same price which was quoted on the phone.  NO Up selling, Imagine that.   !!
I had TT air duct  cleaning Georgetown, Ontario come out when i noticed all the dust clinging to my vents and  also having to constantly dust my house. After they finished I could  breath the difference in my air quality and my house hasn’t been getting  so dusty all the time. Gul and Akhtar were both very friendly,  thorough and on time. I was really impressed when they didn't try to sale me anything extra. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of  this service. A job very well done for me.

Henry T.
Wow I can’t believe how  thorough these guys were. They were very friendly and answered all my  questions. They covered all my belongings around the vents and even  showed me how the extraction tools worked. I will definitely be using  them again in the future. Thank you TT air duct cleaning Georgetown, Ontario.

Adam W.
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