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Air Duct Cleaning

Quick Facts About Air Duct Cleaning Toronto

  • More people spend 60 to 90% of their time indoors.
  • An Average living person sheds thousands of dead skin cell everyday, which settle in duct system through the intake air vent.
  • Add your pet's dander hair as well in that.
  • Same filthy air is blown inside the house and your loved ones breathe same filthy air over and over again.
  • Regular air duct cleaning give you and your family a healthy air to breathe inside your home.
Who needs air duct cleaning?
If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you definately need air duct cleaning service for your home.

  • Do you live in a new or newly remodeled home?
  • Do you live in a house that has been recently insulated or weather-proofed?
  • Do you regularly clean excessive dust accumulations from your household furniture?  
  • Do you notice poor air flow?
  • Do you experience headaches, nausea, or burning sensations in the nose, throat, or eyes more frequently at home than when outside?
  • Do you have allergies to mold and mildew?   Do you have pets?
  • Do you have one or more smokers in your household?
  • Do you have a central air circulating system that utilizes a standard throw-away fiberglass filter?

What procedure you follow for air duct cleaning?
If you do't have an answer to above question, it means you should fill up the form below and get air duct cleaning done as soon as possible.

Duct Cleaning Process explained by TT Duct Cleaners Inc.

**This procedure is for full package service**

1.  Power-Vacuum & Power Air Tools
TT Duct Cleaning Inc. goal is to remove all the dust, dirt, and other contaminants typically found inside your air ducts.  Using state-of-the-art equipment we guarantee a thorough duct cleaning.

2.  Trained Technicians
Our duct cleaning technicians are trained and certified.  Our technicians must also pass a drug free test and criminal background check.

3.  Complete Set Up
Work will not begin until your floors, doorways, and corners are protected with our drop cloths and corner guards.  TT Duct Cleaning employees wear protective shoe covers at all times inside your home.  We promise to protect and safeguard your home and possessions.

4.  Negative Air Vacuum
Our 10-inch vacuum hose is connected to your home or office duct system.  When our vacuum is running it pulls air from your system through the vacuum hose putting your ventilation or HVAC system under a negative pressure.  All the dirt and debris is vacuumed out to our giant power-vac truck where the debris is filtered and stored inside a large holding compartment.

5.  Removal of all registers (supply & returns)
All register covers are removed or taped off.
6.  Scrub the System
With brush air tools and air whips we scrub your ventilation system.  We push the debris to the main trunk lines then clean the trunk lines by pulling debris back to vacuum hose.  Throughout the cleaning process we take pictures this ensures that we have gotten your air ducts clean and removed all of the dirt, dust, or anything else that may be hanging out inside your vents. Additional Fee may apply.

7.  Scrub the Cold Air Returns
Once all the supply runs and supply trunk lines have been cleaned we move our vacuum hose to clean your return air system.

8.  Furnace Interior
The cleaning is complete with the air washing and vacuuming of the filter box, blower fan, A/C coil, cabinet interior and heat ex changers.  Cleaning your furnace is very important and will improve the overall efficiency of your system. Additional Fee may apply.

9.  New Filter Replacement
We will replace your furnace filter if you let us know ahead of time what size you will be needing.

10.  Wrapping It Up!
We install a new access panel over the opening and seal with HVAC foil tape.  We vacuum your furnace room and leave it clean.
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